Start Your Own Pet Business Learn how to make money while doing something you love. Thu, 24 Nov 2016 01:34:32 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Why Good Pet Grooming Experts Are Hard To Find Tue, 05 Nov 2013 06:58:15 +0000 Pet grooming is essential to pet ownership. Grooming will ensure the pet’s emotional and physical health. A dog or cat must be groomed to ensure that not only do they look good, but they are made safe by having their nails and hair cut properly. Most people do not want to go through the hassle of home pet grooming. This process is a mess and can cause serious injury to the animal if it is done by unprofessional means. Expert pet grooming is expensive, but with the right groomer your pet will look good and feel good. Some professional pet groomers, though trained professionally, do not do a good job and there has been some instances of pet groomers hurting or mistreating animals.

When you go to a professional pet groomer for the first time carefully inspect your pet after the grooming is done. When you pick them up from the service most animals will be shaken from the experience, but if your animal is extremely shy when they’d first get back from the groomer, there may be some circumstances that you need to look into. Carefully inspect your pet. Look for cuts, scratches or razor burn, which will appear to be like a red rash on the skin. That grooming professionals have been known to accidentally cut off dew claws or to split the nails when trimming them.

If you think that your pet has been mistreated during pet grooming talk to the groomer. Show them the reason of your concern, and let them explain what has happened the best they can. If you are not satisfied with the answer that be groomer gives you, there are several options in which you can follow. You could report them to the state board that issued their license. They are you can file a grievance or ask for advice on what to do next. You can also call the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint. This will be publicly displayed if other customers wish to use the same groomer and want to investigate first.

A pet grooming license is similar to a cosmetologist license. The pet groomer has to be board certified from the state and adhere to the standards and practices of that state issue. If a pet groomer is out of compliance with the state standards, they can have their license removed or be put on probation. If severe mistreatment of your pet is observed, you should call the local authorities. You should both call the police or the animal control officer in your town and report the mistreatment of the animal. As with all businesses there are black sheets to the pet grooming profession.

Sometimes you may have to try several pet groomers to get your pet grooming needs met. Some groomers are not qualified to cut the hair of specific breeds. If your long-haired cat needs to be groomed, be sure you take him to a cat groomer. Cats are hard to groomand a special expertise is needed to ensure safety of the cat. Choose your pet grooming professionals carefully and report anything that you might perceive as unsavory. Once a proper pet groomer has been identified by you, stick with that person and advertise for them with word-of-mouth. The safety of your animal is more important than cost. A good pet grooming professional is hard to find, but it is worth it for the safety, health, and well-being of your pet.

Work At Home Pet Sitting Business Sun, 03 Nov 2013 01:48:32 +0000 If you have experience working with animals, or are just an animal lover, then starting a work at home pet sitting business may be right for you. Pet sitters offer an important role to pet owners and help keep the one hundred and forty-five million pets in this country healthy and happy. As a pet sitter, you’’ll offer a valuable service to busy pet owners who are on vacation or who need someone to take care of their pets during the day.

Getting started as a pet sitter is very simple. To begin with, you’ll need to decide if this really is a business that you want to pursue. First off, ask yourself if you really love animals? If you are considering pet sitting just because you think it will be an easy job, then it is not right for you. You must enjoy spending time with animals and have at least a little experience in being around them. While most pet sitting jobs involve dogs and cats, you may occasionally be asked to care for rabbits, birds or reptiles. Make sure you are comfortable with these pets before accepting assignments involving them.

Start your business by becoming legal. Obtaining a business license doesn’t cost much and will give you a professional edge when getting new clients. You’ll also be able to take advantage of many tax write-offs, including your costs for mileage to and from your customer’s homes and any necessary business supplies.

Speaking of business supplies, all you’ll really need are business cards and an appointment book to keep track of your assignments. Unlike other work at home businesses, the start up necessities for pet sitting are relatively low.

Next, you’ll need to decide on what services you offer and how much you are going to charge. Play detective and find out the going rate for pet sitting services in your area. Try to stay in the same range. Offering lower prices may seem like a way to beat the competition, but it also makes your services appear less valuable to potential clients. You can print your rates on the back of your business cards, or make up a small flyer with prices listed on it.

Getting clients for your pet sitting business may be the most difficult part of running the business. However, with a little effort you can build a client list rather quickly. The best way to get clients and assignments is by word of mouth. Offer to pet sit for neighbors and friends to help build your reputation. Once you’ve done a good job for them, they’ll tell their friends and so on.

You can also use a few free and low cost advertising methods to get the word out about your business. You can distribute your cards at local pet shops, or post a flyer on their bulletin boards. Ask your vet if they would put some of your business cards on their reception desk, or recommend you to other pet owners. A small ad in your local paper can really help get the ball rolling for your business.

Once you have clients calling you for pet sitting appointments, make sure to keep them by treating them with great customer service. Always arrive on time and prepared to watch their pets. Respect their home and their property. If they enjoy your service, they’ll be more likely to call you in the future.

Starting Your Own Home Business Fri, 01 Nov 2013 04:26:00 +0000 Ok, so you have researched the facts, weighed the pros and cons and have finally decided that a home business is right for you. But now you need to figure out what type of business you want and how to proceed with marketing this business.

There are many types of home businesses but not all of them are right for all people. You need to ask yourself these questions: Do I want to start my own business from scratch? Do I just want to join an MLM and sell for someone else? Do I want to sell physical products or digital products? Do I want to do all the work online or offline too? Do I want help with my business or do I want to go solo? Do I just want to become an affiliate and sell other people’s online products?

MLM/Direct Sales – The company you sell for is in control of how you run your business. You are paid a commission for sales and usually have to recruit a downline.

Distributorship – You are in control of your own business. You keep all profits and do not need to recruit a downline.

Digital Products – Selling digital products such as ebooks is done online and there is no need for an inventory, shipping or worrying about damaged goods.

Affiliate Programs – many people make a good online income just by selling other people’s products.

Service Provider – This would include such things as virtual assistant, party planner, pet sitter, etc.

These types of businesses can be combined to form one very successful business. Such as applying for a distributorship and then also offering ebooks on your online store site.

Once you have chosen your business and gotten all your permits, tax numbers, etc, you will need to start marketing your new business. There are countless ways to do this online and offline.

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing would include: business cards, flyers, attending your community events and networking, attending expos, craft fairs, trade shows, postcards, phone calls, newsletter advertising, door hangers, radio, fundraisers, school functions, catalog distribution, mailing lists, home parties, car magnets, brochures, seminars, yellow pages and more. Use your creativity to come up with your own unique marketing ideas.

Online Marketing

Marketing strategies online include: link exchanges, search engines, autoresponders, online auctions, email press release, online chats/seminars, ebooks, blogging, tutorials, ad swapping, ezine publishing, article marketing and much more!

To market your home business takes a lot of work, consistency, time and commitment. Handing out a couple business cards and throwing up a website will not suffice. Work as many as these marketing ideas as you can. Find out which ones really work for you and then expand on them. Then try more!

I want to make sure you understand that you cannot treat your business as a hobby. If you want a successful business with a full time income, you have to work your business full time. If you find one of these programs that claim you can make thousands a week for 5 minutes of work, (that actually work) please let me know. In the meantime, start using some of these ideas and get your business name out there!

Starting A Lucrative Pet Sitting Business Sun, 27 Oct 2013 09:56:11 +0000 While the idea of a pet sitting business may some odd to many, it is actually a very lucrative industry. The home-based & commercial pet sitting industries are literally exploding in popularity in the U.S. and abroad.

Currently, pet sitting businesses are one of the easiest, less riskiest & most profitable businesses to start as there are no substantial costs to look after pets. Over 40 million U.S. households own at least one dog, and Americans spend over $34 Billion a year caring for their animals. In addition, over 47 Million U.S. households own more than one pet.

The statistics and market trends speak for themselves. The fact is owning a home-based or commercial pet sitting service can generate anywhere from several thousand to several hundred thousand dollars in additional income, regardless of which region or country you reside in.

There is a fast-growing trend, not only in the U.S., but Canada, and other countries to find a loving, caring pet sitting service in their area, and in most cases, price isn’t much of a factor. Many surveys have been conducted, and pet owners are choosing independent pet sitting services over the mainstream kennel.

Think about it? Why would a pet owner drop their little companion off at a kennel where they are caged for most of the day, while they are off at work or on vacation. A pet that is not cared for equally as it is accustomed to, whether it be for a day or several days can impose a damaging psychological effect.

For about the same price, more or less, a pet owner can look to Magazines, Newspapers, Direct Mailings or the Yellow Pages where they can bring their pet to a loving, caring place such as a home pet sitting service. Not a jail cell.

As a pet sitting business owner, referrals will come gradually in a concerted manner. The most difficult part during the start-up phase of this kind of business is finding the first five to ten clients. After that, the client referral snowball will begin as your clients will refer others to your business and pretty soon, you’ll need to hired help to take care of all of the pets.

Please keep in mind, that there are numerous types of services you can provide, such as visiting the owners home to take pets for walks when they are absent, or by keeping a watchful eye over the pet owners home by not only caring for their animals but also watering their plants, maintaining their aquarium, performing security checks, or mowing their lawn. In addition, you can arrange for doggie-day-care outings and arrange for dogs to play in the parks. You can also provide taxi services to the veterinary appointments and grooming visits, and also deliver pet food to homes & other places.

Before the first year is out, a home based business could pull $100k USD income, while a commercial pet sitting service at a public location can generate up to $500k USD and more.

You are ultimately the one that determines how much money you’ll make in the business as you’ll be the one that attracts clients.

If you take an active approach, you will soon learn that owning and operating a pet sitting business can be extremely profitable.

If you are a little apprehensive about diving into this kind of business because you don’t know how to attract new clientele, do not worry. Start-Up costs for this business is minimal to non-existent using various forms of advertising, including:

1.) Listing your Business in the Yellow Pages, 2.) Distributing Flyers in the mail or door-to-door at places of businesses or residential areas, 3.) Community T.V. Bulletin Boards, 4.) and Web Sites which you can develop for FREE plus many others.

From Internet Advertising, to Radio & T.V. Pay-Per-Lead Programs, to Direct & Co-Operative Coupon Mailings, we can honestly say that it will be easy to find new clients as demand is high.

As far as hard costs go, there really is none, except Pet Food and maybe a few special leashes.

As a pet sitting business owner, you will need to learn the business inside and out, including day to day operations, marketing techniques, the skills you need to know for short and long term success, avoiding costly mistakes, zoning issues “for commercial businesses”, essential resources, etc…

If you’ve been looking to start your own business, and be your own boss, with a minimal risk and virtually no startup costs, with a potential to earn six-figures a year doing what you love, then a pet sitting business may be just for you.

Pet Lovers May Find That A Pet Business Is Right For Them Wed, 23 Oct 2013 04:21:24 +0000 If you love cats, dog’s birds and more you may be interested in a pet business opportunity. There are several great options for pet lovers to incorporate their love for animals into a successful home business. You can easily come up with several choices from dog grooming to dog walking. Pick an animal of interest and start brainstorming. Depending on certain factors of course will depend on the pet business that is right for you. Here are three pet based businesses that you might be interested in.

Pet Sitter

Everyone has to travel now and then. Funerals, weddings and vacation may leave a pet behind. Pet owners often feel sadness and guilt for their pets being left to someone else’s care. If you are good with animals and a trustworthy person a pet sitting business can be a great opportunity. As long as you have the space, the time and the patience for this job it can grow into a fulltime career. You will want to have a general knowledge on most pets. Pets such as hamsters and gerbils will need care. Fish, dogs, cats, rabbits and reptiles are all animal-sitting possibilities. If you have a customer with a unique pet do some research prior to accepting a job? Some pets do need more care than others.

Pet Photographer

If you have a nack for taking photos and love pets than a career as a pet photographer could be right up your alley. People who love their pets, love photos of their pets. For some of us animal lovers our pets are loved like our children. Having an adorable photo of them can really brighten our lives and our décor. You can specialize in holiday photos, doggie birthday photos or pet photos in general.

Pet Treat Bakery

By visiting your local library or searching online you will find that there are dozens of pet treats that you can bake yourself. If you love baking just as much as animals, this may be the business for you. Baking your pet goodies and wrap them in paw printed papers is a wonderful idea. You can make tuna treats for the cat lovers out there and peanut butter treats for those dog lovers. All natural, healthy and fun treats straight from your oven and into pet owners homes everywhere.

These are only three of the pet business options that can be easily run from your home. None of them require a ton of start up money or expertise. As long as your have a heart for animals and a passion to start your own business you may be starting the career of your dreams.

Is It Time To Consider A Pet Related Business Mon, 21 Oct 2013 01:57:50 +0000 If you read up on trends in business or home business, then you’ve probably seen quite a few articles recently on the pet industry. To put it briefly, more and more people are owning more and more pets. The figures are amazing, both in terms of numbers of pets owned and amounts spent on pets.

According to the APPMA (the American Pet Products Manufacturer’s Association), pet spending has more than doubled from $17 billion in 1994 to about $38.4 billion in 2006. And spending is not just on basics like food or routine veterinary care.

APPMAs National Pet Owners Survey shows 27% of dog owners and 13% of cat owners buy their pets birthday presents, and 55% of dog owners and 37% of cat owners buy their pet holiday presents. High-end retail goods and services such as pet spas and hotels, pet therapy and expanding veterinary services such as joint replacement surgeries and delicate eye procedures are becoming more

Baby boomers (whose children have grown up) and young professional couples (who delay having children in favor of careers), are fuelling much of the growth in spending. They turn to pets to fill the void and often consider their furry companion a best friend or member of the family.

So what does this mean for you?

Maybe not much, unless you also consider the continuing growth of and interest in self-employment and home based business. For many people, corporate downsizing, reduced pension plans or health care coverage, outsourcing and the sheer desire for financial independence are good reasons to consider starting a full or part-time business venture.

It’s this combination – the booming pet industry and the need for supplemental or replacement income – that makes it worth your while to examine the pet industry. After all, if you’re going to start a business, it makes sense to start one with a growing customer base and high demand.

Not that a pet-related business means you have to work directly with pets. Or get a degree in veterinary science. Or pay thousands of dollars in fees to open up a pet store franchise. When you consider that many pet owners have higher-than-average disposable incomes and full time careers too, products or services that go beyond the traditional can be surprisingly profitable.

For example, if you do like to work directly with cats, dogs or small animals, dog grooming and pet sitting continue to be viable businesses. But they’re just the beginning. If you prefer less competition, consider pet photography, or becoming a pet massage therapist, or raising one of the popular new crossbreeds such as Puggles or Labradoodles. A doggie day care might be fun. There are even people who conduct parties for pets, to celebrate birthdays and other events like graduation from obedience school!

But you can start a pet-related business even if you can’t stand dogs or are allergic to cats. Remember, pet owners today spend a lot of money both to pamper their pets and to make owning a pet more convenient.

So you could sew designer clothes for dogs or designer dog carriers. You can fulfill an ongoing need of pet owners by starting a pet food delivery service, or take care of animal waste through a pooper-scooper enterprise. You could write a newsletter focused on the care of tropical fish, or design and sell dog houses.

It’s a purr-fectly great time to start a pet business!

How To Start A Pet Based Home Business Fri, 18 Oct 2013 12:58:37 +0000 Are you one of those people who love animals? If you are one of those people who love animals, you might want to set up your own pet based home business. The good thing about selling products for pets is that you get to have some fun by doing the things that you really want to do and at the same time earn some good money. Besides, if you have kids in the house, they will probably have as much fun as you do. Kids and pets belong together so you will not really have any problems asking your kids to help out in your home business. Getting your children to help in your home business is a great way of teaching them how to be responsible.

Setting up your business

Setting up a pet-based home business is not really difficult. You don’t need to have a big space to keep all your stuff. If you open an online store where you can sell your products, you will only need to keep a few things in your house. You can just run to your supplier any time you need something. Since you will not need to keep a huge amount of inventory of pet products, you will not need a lot of money as capital investment. A few hundred dollars for your computer with internet connection and your initial inventory will be enough. For your web hosting, you can just use one of those free sites for a start to save on cost. There is really no point of wasting too much money on web hosting when you can have something for free. Besides, those sites that are offering their services for free are not really that bad.
Selecting your products

There are lots of pet based products that you can choose from. If you want to specialize on organic products for pets, you might want to take a look into organically grown food for dogs as well as toys that are made of biodegradable and organic substances. The good thing about selling these types of products is that you get to help save the planet at the same time. Besides, according to experts, organic products for animals are a lot safer because they do not contain any harmful chemical additives. Healthy pets make great companions.

When planning to sell organic pet products, you should first locate a good supplier of these products. Find a supplier of organic products near you so that you can just simply to go their place whenever you need something for your store. Always make sure that you have steady supply of the products that you sell in your site otherwise you will have many disgruntled clients in your hands. Having disgruntled clients is not really a pretty thing so make sure that you give good service.

How To Balance Your Home And Business When You Work At Home Tue, 15 Oct 2013 01:29:42 +0000 Many people desire the ability to work at home. They imagine themselves rolling out of bed, commuting 20 feet without any traffic, except for the occasional pet sleeping in the hallway and starting work in their home office as they sip on their favorite latte. Without the daily office politics, commute, and water cooler gossip they feel they’ll be more focused and, ultimately, more efficient. However, with this freedom come some unforeseen drawbacks that can affect your stress level. You may find it difficult to keep yourself organized and motivated without the pressures of a boss or management team.

When you work from home and not required to clock in and out at a specific time, you are responsible for your own time management.

To keep yourself and your home office organized so you are more productive and have less stress, try the following tips:

1. Keep a separate and specific work area in your home. This can be as simple as setting up a large desk and a small filing cabinet in a quiet room. Make sure you have plenty of lighting. Keep it clean and organized so you can find the materials and supplies you need to do your work.

2. Learn how you are more productive. Identify what type of work environment helps you work at your best. Are you more productive when you’re working at your desk or sitting on the couch? Your home office is your domain. Add personal items and things that help give you a positive attitude to help make you more productive.

3. Schedule specific task. Plan your work schedule by identifying your most productive time and when you have the most energy. If you a morning person and think more clearly in the mornings then do your most difficult and important task during this time. If you have children you may want to begin work after you get them off to school, before they wake up or even during their nap.

4. Set your business hours and adhere to the schedule. Just because you work at home doesn’t mean you can take a break whenever you want because there’s no boss to tell you to get back to work. You must be managing your time by setting your business hours and following them, after all you are your own boss. Also, many people or clients may assume since you work from home you are available 24/7. Avoid interruptions by setting specific office hours when other people can contact you regarding business. Communicate this – put your business hours on your business cards, website, e-mails and voice-mail recording.

5. Plan, negotiate and prioritize. No matter how hard you try, your business and personal lives will collide. Don’t stress out when personal interruptions affect your business life. Learn to detach from your work mode, to focus and address the interruption and resolve it so that you can move forward. Then switch back to work mode and get back to your regular work schedule. Eventually, you will learn to weave in and out between business mode and personal mode throughout the day so their can be a productive balance between work and life when you work at home.

Gaining your Spouses Support with your Home Business Sat, 12 Oct 2013 07:48:58 +0000 It is hard enough to start your very own home-based business, but it is three times as hard to do it when your husband or partner is not supporting your venture. You may need him to watch the kids to meet a deadline or to help out getting supper on the table when you need to deliver fifty gift baskets first thing the next morning.

But many moms find that their husband just won’t help out or even offer any emotional support when it comes to starting a home business. But why is this?

Some husband’s feel threatened with the possibility of your success. What if your home business really takes off and you become the family’s prized breadwinner, with your husband’s income suddenly becoming the supplementary one?

Others just don’t want to see you take time away from household duties. You might be able to live with the bathroom being cleaned every other week, and grocery shopping becoming a once-a-month ordeal, but your husband may view it as the fact that you are neglecting your “wifely” duties.

Other husbands just can’t seem to get their mind around the fact that just because you work within the home doesn’t mean that you still have the same number of hours to devote to household chores every week. And they will resent when they are asked to start pulling their weight around the house such as loading the dishwasher or taking out the recycle bin.

If your business is generating enough income, you might even consider hiring a person to come in and do the “nitty gritty” cleaning once a week or a couple of times a month. You may find that it is more cost effective to hire a cleaner rather than lose those hours of working time on your business.

The unsupportive husband

This one is tough. While we want to be independent women with your independent business the fact is we are wives and mothers first. Believe me when I say no business will be a success when you and your spouse are at odds over it.

But what can you do to help solve this situation? So how can you get the spousal backing you need? First and foremost, you must both sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk. Start with a well built plan and a lot of enthusiasm (remember if you love it so will everyone else). Don’t do this after he has just finished yelling because there is a science project growing in the bottom of the fridge, or after you have accused him of not helping out enough. Doing it then will just result in barbs being thrown back and forth with no real solution being found. Some moms suggest having this discussion in a restaurant, as it will keep yelling to a minimum (hopefully!) and prevent most from just getting up and leaving, effectively ending any discussion on the subject.

Explain how you will set you priorities and “fit” the business in rather than fitting the family in. You may suggest involving your dear husband in the business as well so you can share your business triumphs as a team! Give him time, start slow and as he sees the results he will be more likely to give you the extra encouragement you need.

But some just will never change. Whether they are old-fashioned, secretly terrified of your success, or just plain resentful that you get to stay home all day, some will just never change. You will have to come up with your own personal compromise, or evaluate how you can run your business while still running your household with little disruption.

Below we touch on a few of the potential underlying causes and give some tips for overcoming them.

When money is the issue:

Leaving the workforce and giving up a steady paycheck can often make finances tight at home in the beginning. If that choice affects your financial lifestyle, it can often result in resentment of the business.
Sit down and talk with your husband. Show him your objectives and how you plan to meet your goals with your business, and how it will result in an income that will contribute to the household. Often times, seeing that things will only be tight for a certain amount of time gives them a light at the end of the tunnel and can do wonders for their patience.

Take the time to learn the tax benefits you will receive by being a home based business owner. Explain those benefits to your husband once you have solid details from your tax advisor.

Work on your family budget. Try to cut costs where it makes the least impact on your lifestyle. One of the biggest budget areas you can cut with some innovation and good recipes is your grocery budget. Look for cheaper rates for your long distance, your car insurance and your health insurance.

Take a look at your spending and cut it in any way you can that doesn’t make a huge impact on your lifestyle. Showing your husband that you are finding ways to keep costs down while you get your business off the ground can often make them see that living on one paycheck is not as bad as they think.

When quality time is the issue:

When working your business to realize your goals, you can often become consumed by it. This can leave your husband feeling neglected and unimportant.

Establish a period of time daily that you can devote just to spend time with your husband. Show them that even though you are busy, you still make it a priority to make time for them. Try not to “schedule” this time and make your husband feel like they need to be “penciled in”. Instead, be aware of times when you have the ability to take a break and get some quality time in with your husband.

Do something special for your husband at least once a week. Make their favorite meal or watch that football game or a movie with him that he loves. Give him a back massage or go out on a date. Just show him that you care enough to do something just for him.

People working a business from home are famous for “burning the midnight oil”.

Once a week, be sure to turn off that computer or put down that paperwork and head to bed at a reasonable time with your husband.

When household duties are the issue:

Anyone who works a business from home and is still responsible for the majority of the housework can tell you this is not an easy task to do with success. A spouse working outside the home can often become less than appreciative of their work from home partner’s business when the household is not being kept in decent shape. Often times, small things can make the difference.

Find out what household duties are most important to your husband and be sure to have those done on a regular basis. Maybe it is having laundry clean and folded or the dishes done. Having the things most important to your husband done on a regular basis can often help in him being more patient with those that aren’t “pet peeves”.

Schedule your household work into your day. An hour a day consistently can get a lot accomplished and keep your house looking organized.

Talk with your husband about what he can do to help.

Often times, we expect that our work out of the home counterparts know what we need from them to keep things running smoothly in the home. Many times, just sitting down with your husband and being honest about what you need help with can make wonders.

Best Home Based Businesses for Pet Lovers Tue, 08 Oct 2013 09:48:00 +0000 One of the best home based businesses for pet lovers is pet sitting. This career allows you to spend time watching other people’s pets while they are away. What makes pet sitting one of the best home based businesses is that you care for people’s pets in their homes, and you remain on a fairly flexible schedule. Pet Sitters, International is an organization to check out if you are interested in pet sitting as a business opportunity.

Another one of the best home based businesses for pet lovers is to run a doggie day care.

In a doggie day care, you watch other people’s dogs while they work. You get to spend your day playing with and caring for the dogs, and at the end of the day they go home. Check with your local zoning commission, though, as they may have laws governing the amount of dogs you can have on your property.

If you do not have a queasy stomach, being a professional pooper-scooper is another one of the best home based businesses for pet lovers. For just a few minutes per yard, the profits are very lucrative for pooper-scoopers. With a minimal investment in equipment, this is one of the best home based businesses for people looking for a simple business with little overhead.

If you like to bake, running a mail order pet bakery is yet another of the best home based businesses for pet owners.

There are thousands of recipes available on the internet and in books for pet treats, food, and more. Some people have started making dry food for canines, and others create gourmet treats. One of the factors that makes this part of the best home based businesses list is that it offers you a lot of flexibility in your schedule, especially if you run your business exclusively online.

If you love pets and love doing things for them, it only makes sense that you might want to have a career that involves pets. The best home based businesses offer you a chance to make a living doing what you love – caring for pets.